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magic.jpg (152081 bytes) Here we are, in Walt Disney World, at Epcot Center. We are right now in the Backstage, where the changing rooms are. In these changing rooms, Britney Spears and N'SYNC changed for their concerts.
disney2.jpg (127669 bytes) This is the Future World Stage. It is in front of the big fountain and the famous Epcot ball.
disney3.jpg (128319 bytes) Closer picture of us. The temperature inside this stage was like approximately ninety degrees Fahrenheit (that's why the guys aren't wearing their jackets).
disney4.jpg (185873 bytes) We went to the Tower of Terror, at the MGM Studios, like fifteen times literally!!
disney5.jpg (107969 bytes) This is the big fountain in front of the Future World Stage and the Epcot ball.
disney6.jpg (124941 bytes) Having Fun in Magic Kingdom!!