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Miami-3.jpg (162311 bytes) SOUTH BEACH! This was more or less the environment we were facing....sun, beach, heat!
Miami-4.jpg (217516 bytes) This group picture was taken at the last concert in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Miami-2.jpg (158384 bytes) Some of the PRHC members beside their own private! (hahaha). Here we are just arriving at our second concert of the day at ASPIRA's elementary school. We just came back from Univision Studios.
Miami-7.jpg (170673 bytes) Agnes, Cuqui, Roberto, and Celina having fun during  short rides between concerts. These are very few moments that could actually relax.
Miami-5.jpg (232933 bytes) Funnny group picture after our last concert.
Miami-8.jpg (149569 bytes) PRHC performing in their last concert in South Florida.
Miami-6.jpg (133797 bytes) This shirt has a story of its own. One of our members...without saying any names (hmmm...!) forgot his (or her) concert shirt! Thank God Marshall's exist! We then decided to sign it since he (or she) wasn't going to use it any more. It is sort of a very good memory of this wonderful trip!