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Viaje-6.jpg (80313 bytes) Not only they went to play handbells, they also went to have fun. One of the coolest places they went was the Planet Hollywood of Phoenix, AZ...

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In this picture, Gretchen, Sheila and Celina waited for Carolyn to pick them up. In this precise moment, Sheila was asking Celina what place was the one that had like a party going on at the other side of the street. That place was the Hard Rock Cafe of Phoenix.

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When the convention reached its end, the choir left to Las Vegas. During the trip, they watched desert..and desert..and lots of deserted areas. But, out of nowhere, they found a little town called Nothing, where the population was 4.

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If you were lost, you could really count on Nothing's help for directions!

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There they are...having a snack in the middle of nowhere, while watching the beautiful sunset at Arizona. You can also see the two minivans that helped them move around Arizona and Nevada.

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Finally, Las Vegas! After 5 or 6 hours of carriding, the choir finally arrived at Las Vegas. Local time: 3:05 am. You can slightly notice their bags under their eyes.

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