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Miami-1.jpg (171818 bytes)

Recent group picture taken at our last concert in South Florida. The next two pictures are also taken at the same event. We would like to acknowledge Sheila Reyes since she does not appear in any of these three pictures, though she is still part of the choir.
Miami-4.jpg (217516 bytes)
One of the few picture that we appear holding handbells. Its a pretty elegant photograph.
Miami-9.jpg (206569 bytes)
This picture is not intended to be official (elegant) picture. It is one of our usual funny picutres, very similar to the black and white one which can be found at the bottom of this page.

Grupo-2.jpg (81706 bytes)

Group picture with the director and composer, Dr. William Payn. This picture was taken at the end of our formal choir performance, during the  Handbell Exploration 1998.

Grupo-1.jpg (96397 bytes)

One of our most precious group pictures. This picture is in black and white, and was taken from the Luis A. Ferré Fine Arts Center of Puerto Rico.

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